Goat Milk Shampoo Bars and Soap

We carry an eclectic assortment of goat milk soaps here at LongShot Farms. All of our products are handmade by us here at our homestead. Each bar contains raw goat's milk from our very own happy, free-ranging Nigerian Dwarf goats. All of our soaps and shampoos are naturally made- we don't use any artificial fragrances or colors in any of our bars. 


All of our "homestead-made" soaps and shampoos contain the 3 main ingredients in soap making: Liquid (Goat's milk), fats/oils, and lye. We use only the best and most natural ingredients in our soaps. All of our bars are about 4-5 oz.  We also sell travel-sized shampoo bars.

Goat Milk Sugar Scrubs and Beeswax Healing Salves


Our Goat Milk Sugar Scrubs are all-natural exfoliants that leave your skin feeling silky-smooth and our Beeswax Salves are a "must-have" for your medicine cabinet.

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