Have you been considering adding goats to your farm or household? Goats can make a great addition on your journey for self-reliance, but they can also cause an incredible amount of work if you're not prepared on how to properly care for them. The class will consist of a Powerpoint presentation and will be followed by a farm tour to give students an idea of how we manage our goats. 


Laura Podriznik is a Certified Dairy Goat Producer and will be teaching this informative course at our farm. A great deal of  research from many sources (including academic/veterinary medicine sources) will be combined into our presentation to give you a clear, concise understanding of the basic, but very necessary, knowledge of goat keeping. You'll also receive a printed copy of our presentation to keep as a future reference. 


Class sizes will be small (1-4 people) to promote an intimate, casual learning environment and can be booked according to the student's schedule. This class is intended for students over 16 and should take about 2-2.5 hours to complete. 


Presentation topics will include (but are not limited to): 

Fencing, First Aid, Housing, Herd Protection, Diseases/Prevention, General Husbandry/Herd Management


The farm tour will consist of visiting our buck area, examining various types of fencing, and visiting our barn/ main goat housing area.  


**Students interested in milking instruction can request this as an add-on to the Goat Keeping 101 course for an additional $10. During the milking instruction we will discuss hand milking vs. machine milking, milking machine setup, sanitary milking/ milk handling, and cleaning the milking machine. Students will also get the opportunity to milk one of our Nigerian Dwarf does. 


**Payment may be accepted online or in-person at the time of the class. If paying online, please provide your email address so we can schedule and confirm your class appointment. Be sure to also select "farm pickup" at checkout so you aren't charged a product shipping fee. 



Classes will be offered Monday- Friday from 10am- 3pm (with the last class finishing by 5:30) and Saturday from 11am- 4pm (with the last class finishing by 6:30). Classes will be 2-2.5 hours (if taking the Milking Instruction Add-on) and are booked according to the student's schedule. After purchasing the class, you will receive an email from Laura to schedule your class. 

Goat Keeping 101

  • If paying online, please provide your email address so we can schedule and confirm your class appointment. Also be sure to select "farm pickup" so you aren't charged a product shipping fee.


    If paying in person we accept cash or check. 

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