• We recommend wearing close-toed shoes while visiting the farm. We don't spray our blueberry area with any kind of conventional chemicals (including insecticides) so you'll likely come across ant hills. Sun block and bug repellent are good ideas as well if you plan to be picking for awhile.

  • Please leave your dogs at home. We have several chickens that like to jump our fences (you may see them wandering around in the blueberry area). Dogs also make our livestock guard dog uncomfortable for good reason. It’s Cotton’s job as an LGD to protect our animals from dogs, coyotes, or any predator. Domestic dogs are the #1 killer of small livestock like our miniature goats and chickens. We ❤️ dogs, but our farm isn't a park and it’s best to leave your fur babies at home for these reasons.

  • We have a port-a-potty available for our guests to use as well as a utility sink located behind the port-a-potty.

  • We encourage you to reuse your buckets you may have from last year. You're more than welcome to bring buckets from other farms as well (many are 1-gallon sized). Please don't "borrow" our buckets for picking this year for health safety reasons- if you use one of our buckets during you visit, please buy it.

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