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LongShot Farms is a "U-Pick" blueberry farm located in Arnoldsville, GA. We use only natural methods in growing our produce and raising our livestock. In 2016 we traded in our suburban lifestyle to pursue our dream of farming, homesteading, and living life the way it should be: simply and naturally. 

Naturally Grown

We believe all food should be grown and raised naturally. We don't use any chemical/conventional fertilizers or pesticides on any of our produce. 


"LongDog Homestead" is a branch of LongShot Farms. It's where we live, work, and dream about our future farm endeavors. We enjoy practicing some of the forgotten ways of living on our homestead such as growing and canning food, soap making, cheese making, etc. We also raise a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats for dairy and we have a small flock of chickens for eggs. Both the chickens and goats enjoy spending their day free-ranging on the farm browsing for food. Our honey bees are also a tremendous asset to our farm. They do a great job pollinating all of the many fruits we grow and they also provide us with one of nature's most perfect elixirs- honey. 

Our Great Pyrenees, Cotton, is our livestock guard dog and spends his days watching our goats and hoarding small objects found around the farm. 

Oscar is our baby dog and our namesake to "LongDog Homestead." He's our head dishwasher and also guards our porch from chickens. 

We currently have a small Nigerian Dwarf herd of about 18 goats. We raise them for dairy which supplies our homestead with milk that we use to make our soap, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy items. They're the best natural weed eaters around!

These are a few of our happy girls. All of our chickens enjoy being able to free range daily. They especially love running behind the lawn mower to catch all the crickets and grasshoppers!

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